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Multi-Clean® Multi-Task® 007DC Double-O-Seven - 2 L

Multi-Clean® Multi-Task® 007DC Double-O-Seven - 2 L

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Integra® Finale Fabric Softener/Neutralizer 53 - Gal.

Iron control agent. A balanced blend of fabric softening agents and a laundry sour. Controls pH. Eliminates static. Softened linens have a softer, smoother feel. Towels and diapers are fluffier. Clothes have fewer wrinkles. 4 per case.


Integra® Propel Laundry Performance Booster 68 - Gal.

A concentrated liquid laundry additive based on hydrogen peroxide. Designed to be used during the wash cycle as a detergent additive. It provides exceptional soil removal. For institutional laundry use only. This product is recommended for us in our TIP® program. Suitable for use in Ozone systems. Color safe. Brightens and whitens linen. Eliminates stains. Integra Green™.


Integra® Synergy Built Laundry Detergent - Gal.

Eliminates the need for a break. Water conditioners. Free rinsing. A high alkaline laundry detergent that contains surfactants and anti-redeposition agents. Produces whiter whites. Highly effective in both hard and soft water conditions.


Karat® 9" Jumbo 2 Ply Roll Tissue - 1000'

Made from recycled paper resources. White. 1000 feet per roll.

Karat® Compostable Bagasse Plate - 6"

Great for holding all of your delicious foods, including hot and cold items. Made with bagasse, which is the sugarcane fibers left over after sugar extraction. These fibers are strong and durable and make a great source of sustainable material for food packaging. BPI® Certified. Microwave safe. Soak resistant.


Karat® Roll Paper Towel - 750", Kraft

Made from recycled paper resources. 750 feet per roll.

Microfiber & More Microfiber Tube Mop - Large, Blue

Scrubber headband.

Microfiber & More Microfiber Tube Mop - XL, Orange

Scrubber headband.

Economical 1 Ply Toilet Tissue

Economical rolls provide the perfect solution for public restrooms utilizing standard-roll dispensers. Soft paper is gentle on the skin. Strong and reliable
Includes 96 rolls of standard toilet tissue per case.