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Karat® Multifold Dispensable Paper Towel - White

Karat® Multifold Dispensable Paper Towel - White

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Better Brush Synthetic Fiber Bowl Mop - 12"

Plastic handle.

Embassy® Supreme Thru-Air-Dried (TAD) Roll Towel-8" x 600'

Best absorbency and hand drying efficiency. The Through-Air-Dry (TAD) manufacturing process results in very faster water absorbency rates. The hands are dried more effectively.

Karat® Black Sipper Dome Lid Fits 10 oz. - 24 oz. Hot Cup

Use with: C-K510, C-K510W, C-K512, C-K512W, C-K516, C-K516W, C-K520, C-K520W, C-K524, C-K524W.


Karat® Compostable Bagasse Plate - 9"

Great for holding all of your delicious foods, including hot and cold items. Made with bagasse, which is the sugarcane fibers left over after sugar extraction. These fibers are strong and durable and make a great source of sustainable material for food packaging. BPI® Certified. Microwave safe. Soak resistant.


Karat® White Paper Hot Cup - 10 oz.

Poly lined and made from premium paper. Built with a comfortable grip and a broad bottom to minimize tip-overs. Widely used in breakrooms, cafes and restaurants for hot beverages such as lattes, cappuccinos, coffee and tea. Recyclable.


Rubbermaid® Super Stitch® Blend Mop - Large, 1", Green

Balanced blend of cotton and synthetic yarns for absorbency and strength. Looped-ends and yarn tailband mop for greater floor coverage.

Tolco® Valu-Mist™ 250™ Trigger Sprayer-9 1/4", Green

Thread Finish: 28/400. Higher output: 1.4 mil. Longer, comfortable trigger. Rear support fits comfortably in your hand. Enclosed piston provides protection against damage. Will not leak when used on bottles filled with liquid. Holds up to common janitorial chemicals.

White Swan®2 Classic Long Roll Towel - 8" x 800'

Good absorbency and hand drying efficiency in a roll towel. Long Roll Towels reduce labor costs associated with refill trips. Dependability and softness - without compromise. EcoLogo™ certified. CFIA Certified.

2 Ply Toilet Tissue

Txley Signature Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 420 Sheets/Roll, White, 96 Rolls per case or 12 per package

  • Individually wrapped rolls for sanitary protection
  • Balance of strength, absorbency and economy
  • 2-ply White
  • 3" x 4-1/2" Sheet size
  • 420 Sheets per roll
  • 96 Rolls per Case / 12 Rolls per Package