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Embassy® Supreme Thru-Air-Dried (TAD) Roll Towel-8" x 600'

Embassy® Supreme Thru-Air-Dried (TAD) Roll Towel-8" x 600'

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Integra® Harmony Detergent w/Oxygen Bleach 79 - Gal.

Integra Green™. A non-phosphate, environmentally preferable, liquid detergent designed to be used on personal linen. Combination of detergent and oxygen bleach. Brightens, whitens and attacks tough stains. Leaves linen smelling fresh. 4 per case.


Integra® Synergy Built Laundry Detergent - Gal.

Eliminates the need for a break. Water conditioners. Free rinsing. A high alkaline laundry detergent that contains surfactants and anti-redeposition agents. Produces whiter whites. Highly effective in both hard and soft water conditions.


Magic Eraser

Easily cuts through stubborn stains. Removes dirt on a variety of surfaces. Erases set-in grime. Cuts through scuff marks and soap scum. Just add water and scrub through stains.


Right Now Laundry Detergent

RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent is concentrated to deliver maximum cleaning power to the dirtiest part of your laundry. RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent when used as directed is safe on all washable fabrics and it is highly effective in cleaning linens, towels and tough everyday dirt and grime on clothes. RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent is low foaming to help protect the life of your washing machine. High foaming detergents can clog pumps and reduce their life due to extra effort required to extract suds out of the wash drum. RIGHT NOW Laundry Detergent helps you save money while providing you the cleanest laundry possible.

Tolco® 32 oz. Round Plastic Bottle

High density polyethylene. Embossed scale encourages user to properly proportion chemicals. 28/400 neck finish. Natural with Embossed Scale.


Tolco® Valu-Mist™ 250™ Trigger Sprayer-9 1/4", Green

Thread Finish: 28/400. Higher output: 1.4 mil. Longer, comfortable trigger. Rear support fits comfortably in your hand. Enclosed piston provides protection against damage. Will not leak when used on bottles filled with liquid. Holds up to common janitorial chemicals.

Karat® Compostable Bagasse Plate - 6"

Great for holding all of your delicious foods, including hot and cold items. Made with bagasse, which is the sugarcane fibers left over after sugar extraction. These fibers are strong and durable and make a great source of sustainable material for food packaging. BPI® Certified. Microwave safe. Soak resistant.


Woodbine FoamFresh Healthcare Hand Wash - 1000 mL

Ideally suited for frequent general hand washing. Formulated to gently cleanse, soften and condition hands. Activ ingredient: Chloroxylenol 0.75%.


2 Ply Toilet Tissue

Txley Signature Bath Tissue, 2-Ply, 420 Sheets/Roll, White, 96 Rolls per case or 12 per package

  • Individually wrapped rolls for sanitary protection
  • Balance of strength, absorbency and economy
  • 2-ply White
  • 3" x 4-1/2" Sheet size
  • 420 Sheets per roll
  • 96 Rolls per Case / 12 Rolls per Package